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"Married to an Addiction" is a story that dares to be told. A love story that is painful and compelling and more real than most would admit.


Marietta exposes strength that comes wrapped as weakness and failings that produce redemption. It causes you to stop and ask God, "how can all of these things be true at the same time?". She compels you to seek His hand of grace and wisdom in circumstances that may have previously caused you to despair. Navigating the variables of this life is never simple, and this part of Marietta's journey seems more difficult than most. But she has allowed the Lord to sustain and reprove, to process and heal in a way that only He can.


I was moved to introspection. I was inspired to entrust my areas of confusion about things I can't fathom or change into the hands of the All Knowing One. I pray that this book does this and much more in the heart of every young woman; no... every person, who reads it.

Andra Alfaro

"Married to an Addiction", I could not put this book down (literally), talk about gut-wrenching honesty and not holding anything back. For Marietta to be able to openly express herself is inspirational and healing to her and to so many that can relate to her story. Thank you for having the strength and courage to share your journey.

Lady D (Amazon Verified Purchase)

"Married to an Addiction" - This book was very enlightening, and it validate as well as put into words so many things that I was feeling.

Phil Gazzolo (Amazon Verified Purchase)

"Married to an Addiction" - This book packs a punch in honestly depicting two lives tied together by faith, love, and tragedy. Both are people of faith who come from difficult circumstances and followed a dream for better lives. To find out what helps one of them triumph, you will have to read the book. I read it cover to cover in one sitting.

Sherrye Hatton 

The Title alone gathered my attention as I wondered what “ Married 2 An Addiction “ could’ve been about.

As I read the book I pictured an onion with layers of our INNER TRUTH reveled. Addiction could be defined many ways....BUY THE BOOK and discover what yours is. I DID!

A MUST READ for a journey of HEALING.

Patrina Coleman

Yes I recommend her book Married 2 an Addiction. It was very much a good read. Most Importantly, it ministers to your spirit, especially if you are a young lady desiring to be married. I have already recommended it to the single ladies that I have the pleasure of leading in my ministry for their book club. Being married for 33 yrs.

I thought that it would Just be a good read, but it also ministered to me about seeking God and not going in your own feelings and making you believe it's of God. I loved it!

TLC  (Amazon Verified Purchase)

"Married to an Addiction" - Marietta shares her experience and her heart, telling the harrowing story of loss and amazing self-examination that led to new growth.  Excellent book for anyone who has lost a loved one to addiction or (more so) themselves in a relationship.

Stacey Shannon Johnson

Prior to reading the book “Married 2 An Addiction” I thought perhaps Marietta may have been writing about a food, or shopping addiction.


As I read the first page or two, I could not put the book down. I applaud her for being transparent. She removed her mask, pulled back the layers, and took us into her their world.


She takes you on a vivid journey of an enabler and their day-to-day choices to unknowingly help their loved one.


This story ought to be on stage or the big screen.


I believe this book will heal and transform not only addicts but their loved ones as well.


Stacey Shannon Johnson


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