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In My Own Words

My Life's Journey from Beginning to Eternity

In My Own Words

My Life's Journey from Beginning to Eternity

Watching Bernard face challenges that most would not be able to stand up against showed me his strength and humility as a man of God. He never made excuses for his challenges, but he tried to do all he could to overcome the demon of drug addiction that tormented his soul once again. Even though his life ended in what many would say was a tragic way, there is a certainty that his life was not just about his love for Christ but, most importantly, Christ's love for Bernard.


Thank you, Father, for the blood of your Son Jesus Christ that cleans us from all unrighteousness!


The Author of these writings was taken from us far too soon. Bernard had a brilliance about him that was unmatched by anyone. One of his greatest desires in life was to leave a mark on the earth so that when God called him home, something of him would be left behind. As you read his heart, you will feel his pain, sorrow, seasons of struggle, torment, addiction, and heartache but also joy, triumph, vision, and, most of all, his concluding victory that continues now in eternity.


His wife Marietta assembled this book to fulfill his wishes to leave a mark on the earth and to encourage those with struggles that God is faithful and never gives up on us.

Beginning ~ March 11, 1969

Eternity ~ September 29, 2009


William Bernard Jones

"Notoriety isn't what I seek in writing what God puts on my heart. All that I desire is to do what He desires that I do." 


Before getting married in 2005, Bernard spent eighteen years of his life in prison for selling drugs, armed robbery, and Lord knows what else. While incarcerated, Bernard became a Muslim. Islam seemed to serve a purpose in his life then, but it also brought many problems. There was always a constant battle in his heart between the logical benefits of Islam and the reality of the true and living God that was drawing him daily.  


He came to the end of himself and acknowledged Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior a few years before being released. Coming home on fire for the Lord, Bernard wanted to do nothing but serve Him. Once married and entered into ministry; he felt that many in the church were just as crazy as he had been. Bernard's heart and motives for ministry were right, but his tolerance for all politics, religion, fashion, and idolatry was very low, which motivated many of his writings.


As a new member of the Body of Christ, this disillusionment planted in his mind by satan of not seeing a difference between the world and the church drew him away from the person who delivered him. In a letter to his Pastor, Benard wrote, "It's hard to trust men of God because I see too much semblance of what I saw on the street and prison. Instead of glorifying and blowing up Jesus, most try to blow up themselves and their ministry names. Instead of seeing His kingdom come, I'm seeing their kingdom come, but they call it God's move. I don't buy that, so I end up isolated, where the enemy takes advantage."

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