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Since our philanthropic journey began in the spring of 2020, 4Ever Thankful, LLC has been dedicated to aiding non-profit organizations, listed below, in raising essential funds amid the pandemic-related closures and beyond. Our efforts have resulted in the successful generation of over $5,000, providing crucial support to these organizations in their pursuit of sustaining impactful programs within the communities they serve.


When you give to this outreach Movement your money goes directly to the community, where we meet the needs of other people.

On a monthly basis, we travel to different shelter homes across different cities to provide hot fresh cooked nutritious meals.  

When winter approaches, we provide socks, clothing, toiletries, coats, gloves, scarves, hats, and even can goods.  During Christmas and Thanksgiving, we even prepare dinner.

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We service our neighboring schools and communities by providing food and basic necessities for children and families in need.

Through drives and generous donations, we are able to assist in meeting the needs of our children, which allows them to focus on what's important; active school involvement and learning.

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CTY is a non-profit organization in the Washington D.C. area that promotes standards of excellence, changing the stigma of "at-risk youth" to "a-promise youth".  This is done through Youth Development Programs for girls, boys, and those entangled in child trafficking.  We inspirer them to make safe choices by building their self-confidence with instruction in leadership skills, goal setting all inspiring them to make safe choices.


Their mission is to support women and their families that are impacted by cancer. The vision is to help lift the burden and stress from women that are battling cancer by providing financial support so that they can focus on healing.

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